Bernadette Ajeng

Social Media Executive in Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

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Less-than-160-cm-tall, underweighted Indonesian girl who loves short haircut, oversized clothes, and skinny jeans. Experienced in social media strategy, graphic design, and content writing (social media and website).

Graduated with Bachelor degree from Universitas Indonesia, majoring in Communications Studies with Advertising as her minor on February 2016 - currently she's working as a Social Media Executive at Lion&Lion Digital Agency, Jakarta. So far, her excellent skills in English, Bahasa, and Microsoft Office; also her good skills in using and utilizing social media, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, Adobe After Effects, Audacity, and GarageBand have been helping her.

Her main interests are marketing and advertising - followed with video games, music, comics, manga, and animation. Persona series and Dragon Age series are her favorite games, Nirvana and Royal Blood are her favorite bands, Marvel is her favorite comic universe, while Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul are her favorite manga. She prefers being a couch potato than mingle in parties, and prefers rock concerts than EDM festivals. She also had a 1-year barista experience, so she also makes great coffee!

She's always open for discussion about common interests that you have with her. Just click any of those social media icons-buttons below to reach her.

  • Work
    • Lion&Lion Digital Agency
  • Education
    • University of Indonesia