Bernadette Balla

Twitch QA Manager in San Francisco, California

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A quality assurance manager by profession, Bernadette Balla maintains balance and harmony in her life throughout her busy work schedule, through the timeless practice of meditation and spirituality. Bernadette’s meditation practice includes meditation using musical binaural beats brainwave techniques, which synchronize the calming effect of meditative electrical brainwaves for deep relaxation. She also practices mantra meditation: the repetition of meditative words or phrases, mindfulness meditation: the training of the mind to be conscious, aware, clear and discerning, and Vippasana meditation: the practice of meditating where shifts in a persons energy fields as a result of the potential for anger, jealousy or fear arising, is detected and transformed before it can develop. Vipassana meditation is conducted for extended periods of time in total silence, free from outside distractions or influences.

  • Work
    • Twitch
  • Education
    • San Francisco State University