Bernadette Ryan

Public Relations, Writer, and Student in Canberra, Australia

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Hi, I’m Bernie.

I hold a Degree in Social Work, am a certified Level One Executive Coach and am three quarters of the way through a Graduate Diploma in Communications via Deakin University.

Whilst studying, I also work for myself as a Public Relations Practitioner, primarily in the Arts, as well as in community theatre production and event organisation in Canberra.

Because this enables me to enjoy lots of shows, movies and opening nights and mix with some of the nicest and most talented people, I very much love my work!

I am also a writer and have my own blog at You can also read more of my published articles with a click on the button above.

I love music, sing professionally and write my own songs.

Philanthropy is a keen interest of mine and to this end I enjoy ongoing freelance work with, as well as coordinating a charitable grants program via the Dramatic Productions Theatre company.

As a result, I am very fortunate to be constantly inspired by some of the most generous souls in Canberra.

Lastly, I love people, and working in teams to bring exciting and valuable projects, visions and events to life.

Please let me know if I can assist with any of yours.

Bernie :)