Bernadette Ryan

Public Relations and Writer in Canberra, Australia

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Hi, I’m Bernie.

I am an Arts Publicist, Arts Administrator, Content Creator, Writer and Event Manager in Canberra.

I have post Grad Qualifications in Communications, a Degree in Social Work, and am a certified Level One Executive Coach.

I am proud to say that I am passionately involved in theatre production and promotion. Simply because of the difference it makes in people's lives and the joy I feel being there!

I am also privileged to occupy the position of Business Manager with StageCenta Canberra. An innovative theatre focussed organisation who provide show information to the Australian theatre going public and are about to release an Australian first nationwide theatre App.

Philanthropy is also a keen interest of mine and to this end I enjoy ongoing freelance work in that space as well as coordinating a charitable grants program via the Dramatic Productions Theatre company.

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I look forward to meeting you somewhere soon !

Bernie :)