Bernadette Schaeffler

1616 Hi Line #100 Dallas Design District

Bernadette Schaeffler moved to the United States from Cologne, Germany in 1995. Attending law school and working in retail provided a strong working ethic and passion for entrepreneurship. Through her extensive travels around the world, Bernadette has great knowledge of architecture and lifestyles. Her European roots and appreciation of all cultures have influenced her collection of home furnishings. These experiences have fueled her passion for design. Bernadette 's philosophy is simple; the home can be a distinctive, artful and unique work of art that can fill a family's home with love, peace, warmth and security. She is comitted to honor different cultures and epoches and wants to satiate an appetite for unique decors. Bernadette Schaeffler Collection combines many styles including Old World treasures with modern elements creating a unique expression of the world and your lifestyle. Bernadette about her blog: "I inspire my clients and readers, take them to virtual travel and show how playful design can be. Decorating a home is a personal process and taste varies and changes throughout our lives."