Bernard Bel

[if gte mso 9]>[if gte mso 10]>Bernard Bel is a computer scientist working at


,a speech research laboratory of CNRS (France). Between 1994 an 1998, he was deputed to

Centre de SciencesHumaines

(CSH, New Delhi) to carry on projects in musicology and social-culturalanthropology. In this context, heset up a collaboration with the

Centre for Cooperative Research in HumanSciences

(CCRSS, Pune) working on the dynamics of communication in ruralIndia. Together with the late GuyPoitevin, he brought together scholars and social workers for workshops, threeinternational conferences and a 3-volume publication on the theme

“Culture,communication and power”

(Sage Publications). Later on, he joined

LaboratoireParole et Langage

(LPL) and created the

Speech Prosody Special Interest Group

(SproSIG) under the banner of the

International Speech CommunicationAssociation

(ISCA). After 2006 he was in charge of the implementation of the

Speech & Language Data Repository

, a service dedicated to the long-termpreservation and sharing of oral and linguistic digital resources.