Bernard Kramer

Bernard Kramer


Bernard Kramer has achieved an extraordinarily successful career by fearlessly crossing and re-crossing the great taboo dividing lines of designer, master-craftsman, fine artist and Sculptor.

He is presenting his new work as a sculptor: a profession that at its best has always been hugely reliant on the qualities and skills of the other three disciplines. His latest work draws on several years of study of birds of prey and has the unique signature of an artist who is still developing visual language and use of material.

Bernard Kramer has undertaken commisions for Royal Saudi Air force, Welcome trust, Horniman Museum, Natural History Museum, Sound republic, Museum of Tolerance, Al-Jawf Museum, Citadel Museum tower of David, Diaspora museum, National Westminster bank, Chemical Bank of New york, advertising agencies, film studios and numerous other public and private commissions.

As a designer responsible for producing international museums and exhibitions, I require purpose-made exhibits to critical requirements. When an exhibit of outstanding merit and quality is required I have, for some years, commissioned Bernard Kramer to execute the work, knowing that he is not just a competent production man, but that he treats every project with dedicated craftsmanship and sensitivity.

He has produced some of our most difficult exhibits, requiring historic or biological understanding and special finishes, and his completed work is always finely finished and can be considered works of art in their own right. He is also versatile, executing replicas, works of realism or designing abstract features — in fact, I would place Bernard Kramer in a class of his own.