Bernard Lelchuk

A current QA Manager & a software testing engineer with 6 years of experience, formerly a System Admin, an Audio Engineer & Music Producer with great passion to computer software & hardware and off-course music.

Careers seldom cross paths & this is how I got involved in the software testing business. I’ve been testing software informally for over a decade – being an active beta tester for various applications & types of major & minor companies and products. Therefore, it was inevitable that I’ll turn it into a profession. I love testing and I’m always eager to further expand my knowledge in software testing methodologies & practices. Been testing a diverse scale of software as Desktop, Web, Mobile, DB, Billing & Booking on a variety of platforms, gained me a vast experience in testing practices & methodologies.

I’ve been introduced to Agile – Scrum a few years ago & I’m a great fan of it. I’m well aware of its advantages & shortcomings in regards to testing and will be discussing these largely on my future posts.

Yours truly,