Bernard M Coldwell

Artist in Dendermonde, Belgium

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Speaks English and Dutch.

Working experience: Computer Operator & Systems Programmer / Developer.

Hobbies are music the fine arts of electronic experimental and avant-garde.

I am a movie music junkie, quiet and introvert enjoying a little bit of singing.

Outdoors; hiking or the taking on the occasional sight-seeing tour. Visits to towns, villages, hamlets, castles, parks, museums, art-galleries, theaters.

With respect I appreciate the multi-faceted league of talent out there. The Arts; Surrealism, Dada are my favorites.

Coffee-table reading items: poetry, lyrics, short stories and anecdotes.

Read the booklet 'A Packet of Seeds'.

Lives by the motto 'learn something new every day.'

Currently actively seeking an opportunity for work.

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    • Major in Creative Writing Studies