Bernardo Núñez

I like to play with my thoughts thinking about how to make someones’s experience enjoyable. With my designs, drawings, videos, sculptures, prototypes or anything I make, I try to make the viewer (end user, as I think about it) find something useful, playful and that they can relate with it some way.

I love to play and adults as we don’t play anymore. Trying not to be silly or to not make mistakes we lock our ideas and sometimes they never come out. I try to be as playful as I can with everything I do, hoping the people that interact with what I make get something fun out of it.

I'm an Industrial Designer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. An international project at the Stanford University brought me to Silicon Valley where I worked as an industrial designer at Luidia Inc. I'm currently living in San Francisco and working as a Product and UI designer for Bump Technologies, the creators of the popular Bump app.

Check out my blog to find more about what I do.