Bernardo Salvador Marques


"NEVER QUIT" is a simple 2 word expression that easily sums up most of my personal and professional life.

I've been playing high competition rugby for the last 17 years. This sport has thought me most of all my personal values (e.g. team spirit & mind strength), and has provided me great leading and motivational tools for my second passion in life: Digital Marketing.

Although I’ve been working with offline Brand Activation for the past 9 years, I've always been very interested and envolved with new digital tools, and now realized that the marketing can no longer be looked at as "Traditional" VS "Digital" because the world has gone “Blended” – everyone (people and brands) has both an offline and online life, that can’t be separated. Therefore, I immediately felt the need to develop my Digital skills, and become an active member of this revolution.

VISION: Technology is evolving exponentially, but no one knows for sure how Digital Marketing tools are going to evolve in the next few years. I do know that I don’t want to stay out watching the amazing things that can be, and will be done in Digital Marketing! I want to be the one who creates them, and uses them to bring people increasingly relevant brand contents! With the right team, I want to put to practice all my digital & activation know-how, strategic vision, creativity, motivation, and hard work, in order to build greater and stronger blended brands.

  • Work
    • Brandkey - Brand Activation
  • Education
    • Executive Master in Digital Marketing
    • Degree in Marketing Management