Bernardo Zuniga

Gen of '96 Born in Tamaulipas, been living in southern México for +10 years. CEO, Developer, Entrepreneur, in the way to become an Engineer. Working for industries like construction, petroleoum, safety and communications.

Love the Sea, caribbean culture, learning Mayan history and language. Open to knowledge, tolerant and respectful. Not open minded. Catholic, working for the peace and justice. i like Country music and American recipes, respect the US and know the important tasks for a bilateral development.

*Programmer (JavaS, BASIC, SQL, ActionScript) *Designer (Corel, Adobe, AutoDesk) *Microsoft Student Certified *Tabasco State Entrepereurship Award 2013 *Photographer *Producer (Native, FL & Atomix)

i don't even lift. 10K Runner, biker and tennis player.

Bought my first Ford when i was 17, learnt some -mech and worked for a diesel lab and then a turbomachinery company a couple of months. interested in the machinery development and functions.

Amo mi México and will work to develop a safe & productive country for the world. I know the necessities of the people, i've been in those environments since kid. Cities, ranchs and suburbs are part of my life project as an entrepreneur.

BE THE ONE WHO MAKES THE CHANGE. follow your dreams.

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