Bernard Salera

Bensalem, PA

For five years, Bernard Salera has served as the president of the Asian American Cultural Exchange Association. Through this organization, Mr. Salera oversees an exchange program that connects students from China with private schools and host families in the United States. This entity seeks high-quality representatives from both countries who possess strong character and an interest in enhancing cultural understanding. Through the AACEA, Bernard Salera provides host families with a monthly stipend for room and board.

Connecting with people from different countries is important to Bernie Salera, who is the son of Italian immigrants. Raised in South Philadelphia, he went to Catholic school and garnered an appreciation for classical music. His academic background instilled in him a belief in natural law and idealism. Awarded a PhD fellowship in political philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Bernie Salera held positions in public service and earned a master of science in information science and technology. Prior to establishing the Asian American Cultural Exchange Association, he developed the Classical Arts Cable Network to spread his love of instrumental music, ballet, and other forms of high culture to people throughout Pennsylvania.

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