Bernd Holtmann

Krefeld, Germany

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I am a versatile content, social media and marketing expert with a bachelor degree in Communication and Multimedia-Management. I have gathered over twelve years of experience in print and online publishing, Public Relations and Social Media.

Former stations include PR Representative at wildcard communications working succcessfully with clients and for major brands like BASE, Electronic Arts, Deep Silver, Bandai Namco, Guillemot (Hercules, Thrustmaster) etc.

Editorial stations include Managing Editor at, Editor Print at PC Games, PC Action, buffed Magazine, Xbox 360 - The Official Xbox Magazine, Xbox Zone, N-Zone and PlayZone and Hardware Editor for PC Games and PC Action.

During my time I got the chance to interview a lot of interesting people, here are some of them:

Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek), Robert Picardo (Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek: Voyager), Connor Trineer (Enterprise), Christopher Judge (Stargate SG:1, Enterprise), Jay Wilbur und Mike Capps (Epic Games), Bill Roper (Flagship Studios, Cryptic Studios), Peter Molyneux (Microsoft Game Studios), Daniel Erickson (BioWare), Greg Street, Russell Brower, Brian Morrisroe (Blizzard Entertainment), Jeff Anderson, Jeffrey Steefel, Adam Mersky (Turbine), Daniel Dociu, Jeff Grubb, Brian Knox, Starr Long (NCsoft), Jeff Strain (Undead Labs, before that NCsoft), Pete Hines (Bethesda Softworks), Paul Barnett, Jeff Hickmann, Lance Robertson (BioWare Mythic), Walter Yarbrough (Turbine, before that BioWare Mythic), Vincent Douvier (Gala Networks Europe Ltd.), John & Tony Tang (Runewakerz), Craig Zinkievich, Andy Velasquez (Cryptic Studios), Craig Morrison, Erling Ellingsen (Funcom), David Doak (Zinkyzonk, before that Free Radical Design), Adrian Cook (Relic Entertainment), Martyn Brown (Team17), Yannis Mallat (Ubisoft), Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Inhabitans), Konstant Tedder (Jagex), Marc Merrill, Steve Mescon (Riot Games), Dan Vivoli (Nvidia), Richard Huddy (AMD), Robert Krakoff (Razer) and many more.