Berné Leuvennink

Berné Leuvennink

Berné recently leaped into the field of management consulting and thought leadership after spending 6 years in accounting and finance.

He left the shores of South Africa in 2005 and amongst trying to see much of what the northern hemisphere has to offer in governance, cathedrals, beaches and business, he discovered that there are few things that match the vibrance and complexity of the South African political, economic and corporate environment.

His time in Europe he spent as an accountant in a large international Sports Marketing firm, management accountant in the primary care division of the UK national health care and accounts manager at a leading international market research firm in the UK. He used his spare time to research philosophy, economics and politics and loves to thoughtfully engage with those who are intrigued by the dynamics and issues faced by organisations exploring the lines of success and failure in the new world of work.

Besides calling himself a guitarist and drummer of note he also brings with him a wayward drive on the golf course which he believes can be improved with time. Even though he has been trying for a while now.

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