Bernhard Sulzer

Sylvania Township, Ohio

I am a translator and educator living in the United States.

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The photo on the left shows me and my daughter in Olander Park in Sylvania, Ohio. But Austria is the country of my birth and German my native language.

Check out my birthplace Admont, in the center of the Austrian Alps. I studied Political Science and Mass Communication at Salzburg University before coming to the US and earning an M.A. in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Film and Film Theory. Today, I work as an independent translator and also teach courses in German and German Culture at the University of Toledo.

Below, you'll find a link to my blog about the NSU trial in Germany.

I recently translated Charlotte and Aaron Elkins' novel, "A Cruise to Die For" into German. German title "Eine mörderische Kreuzfahrt." More info below. See link.

Interested in music? My current favorite song:

Simple Minds Midnight Walking

  • Work
    • Translator
  • Education
    • Salzburg University and Bowling Green State University,