Bernice Roby

Buffalo, New York, United States

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We regularly associate our success with the amount of money we have or our "status quo'.

In all actuality our success can be measured by our determination, accomplished goals and mindset.

Hello, my name is Bernice Roby. I am the Author of A Day in the Life, Chronicles of a Gay Black Woman.

Journey with me through hurt, anger, pain, triumph and discovery. This started as a exploration project for me. Eventually I had to step outside of myself and take a look and analyze my life and the experiences I have encountered.

However, it turned into considerably more than that! As I began to write, I started to uncover things that I had long overlooked and hid deep inside.

These are things that I think, make for a fascinating read. What I learned through my journey, is that life is a series of events and that we can design our own destiny.

There are so many women like me. Those in and out of The Life, who I am sure share the same experiences.

I have chosen to share my story!

This is an experience while at times not so pleasant, I would do it again. Here is my reason why!

It has allowed me to share my knowledge, through experience, my passion, through my writing, and my love, through my compassion.

This is my story! Enjoy....