Bernice @ omona-mark

My name is Bernice, you can call me that or BK if you want. I'm Chinese but born and raised in the Philippines.
I can speak English, Chinese, and Filipino fluently. I can read and write in Korean, and also understand it a bit, but I'm still learning~
I currently study BFA Information Design at Ateneo de Manila University. I've been in KPOP since 2008, with a long and growing list of biases. My ultimate band fandom is Super Junior. I've seen them twice so far, and I love them so much. That being said, Teen Top is a very, very close second. My ultimate bias however is Hwang Inseok from SHU-I. I am eternally in love with him.

But of course, I also love Mark, and Got7 in general, and Markjin most of all; alongside every other band imaginable.

He has soft black hair, gorgeous eyes, and the most dazzling smile I have ever seen; Vel holds my heart.
(The fact he has glasses is a good bonus.)