Bernie Raudszus

A licensed counselor and psychologist, Dr. Bernie Raudszus has served as Director of Living Well Counseling Center in Plymouth, Michigan, for more than a decade. Dr. Bernie Raudszus oversees day-to-day operations at the high-volume mental health clinic. In this role, Dr. Bernie Raudszus draws on more than 30 years of experience in pastoral and clinical counseling. Dr. Bernie Raudszus develops and manages a wide range of clinical and administrative functions at Living Well Counseling Center, as well as supervising the delivery of psychological services. At Living Well Counseling Center, Dr. Bernie Raudszus’ duties include providing counseling, assembling a customer base through referrals, and working closely in conjunction with assorted medical professionals to monitor and oversee the behavior of the center’s clients. In addition, Dr. Bernie Raudszus counsels private firms and community agencies on specific clients’ cases and advises them about mental health programs at Living Well Counseling Center.

Dr. Bernie Raudszus also employs, trains, and directs clinicians and a clinical/office support team. He also presents annual business plans and operating budgets to the Living Well Counseling Center’s Board of Directors. Dr. Bernie Raudszus created the Living Well Counseling Center in order to assist people and empower them to deal effectively with their psychological pain stemming from assorted mental conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic depression, anxiety, and anger, among others. Dr. Bernie Raudszus earned a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from the Ashland Theological Seminary, graduating from the seminary with high honors in 1996. Seven years later, he received his Doctor of Philosophy with a multidisciplinary approach and concentration in clinical psychology from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati.

As an Adjunct Professor at Spring Arbor University in Dearborn, Michigan, Dr. Bernie Raudszus devises curriculum and presents lectures, holds seminars, and provides hands-on practice formats to classes consisting of 15 to 25 students. In this role, Dr. Bernie Raudszus teaches classes such as Counseling Theory in a Multi-Cultural Context, Assessment and Testing, Counseling Techniques in Multi-Cultural Settings, and Psychopathology, among others. Actively involved in his profession, Bernie Raudszus serves as a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association of Christian Couns