Beata Bernina

Los Angeles, California

Hello! I'm Beata.

I am an Indonesian born photographer currently based in Los Angeles.

I've been making pictures since I was seven, using my dad's camera. After some schooling, followed by years of working in and around photography (as a photographer, assistant to other photgraphers, producer, studio manager, mentor, etc.), I am back to doing it purely for love.

I use photography to record things I appreciate: friends, people I meet, food, places I visit, and things in everyday life that often escape notice. I practice this art daily as a form of meditative exploration, going into it with the expectation to discover something I haven't seen or done before. I love looking for new possibilities and approaches in making pictures. This is one of the things that give me most joy.

Outside photography, I am a skilled crafter with a good grasp of translating 2D design into 3D object. I have applied this skills and interests into clothes-making and bookbinding among other things. As a curious person who gets excited about learning and experiencing new fields, I have moved about in different job capacities where I get to use my art, design and language skills.

I invite you read my backstory to see where I've been because you just might consider working with me in a project that could use my skills and experience.

Thank you for visiting!

  • Education
    • UCLA Extension
    • New England School of Photography