Bernadette Lenartowicz

Warsaw, Toronto

After a quick internship in a large public academic hospital I concluded my passion to help was not satisfied. Being invovled in different community and online groups I spread my wings and soared where I could. This dapend my career as I lacked a competitive edge outside of my skiing abilities.

Guide I love too, those that can't gain perspective. It's amusing how much importance people place on careers not caring about what they are actually doing. I got caught in this trap then escaped. Its a vicious circle and hence we have an integration of cycles. Each of us has a role to play, mine seems to be off the expectated path of todays world:)

Apart from trying to increase my neurotransmission I have an appreciation for aesthetics( heightened sensory receptors:) This has caused me to dive into the fashion world, which so often is critisized as superficial yet it fullfills a critical diurnal aspect. It is what it is but a natural fiber contacting a dermatome causes a sensation and comfort I wish to create in a line of clothes -BL- which only uses natures gifts to us.

  • Education
    • University of Toronto (BSc.), Medical University of Warsaw (MD)