Student, Teacher, and Dancer in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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My name is Ash, I am in my mid 20s, searching for myself and for my passion. My dream is to create something that I will be remembered for. I am a traveller, not a tourist. I believe that the best way to travel is to get to know the locals. I have lived in Mexico and Thailand, travelled Europe, Indonesia and East Asia, Central America, and I’m slowly adding to this list. My true love will forever be dancing, which I did professionally for a year, but I am now a professional cheerleader and a part of my university’s dance team. I live to make people smile. I have a loud, contagious laugh. I love my sister and my family (which includes my friends). As I have gotten older I have figured out that you don’t need to be friends with everyone. You need a few who you can trust, and be kind to the rest. I believe in Karma. I’ve faced many hard trials in my life, but I believe they’ve shaped me into the person I am today. The people I have gained and lost and the experiences I’ve had, have made me into a better, stronger person. I want to someday use my past experiences and help bring awareness and understanding to mental disorders. I have suffered and will spend the rest of my life fighting away my demons. All I want to do, is be able to one day say: “I have lived my life to the fullest, with no regrets.”. :)