Bernt Wahl

CEO Factle Corporation, CEO Datahunt, CEO Dynamic Software, Consultant Classified Ventures, CCO YellowGiant, Cal Lecturer, Honorary Alumni; Alumni Association (past member), founded 3 companies with UCB Faculty/Students, Berkeley Venture Group Advisor, BMUG (original member), MOT Certificate / School of Information M.A. / Haas , etc. Bernt has several passions, including starting fun and innovative companies, teaching entrepreneurship, writing books on chaos theory and fractal geometry, and Internet search technology. Throughout his career, he has been involved with several start-ups and he has taught over 1,000 university engineering students how to develop new product ideas. Bernt founded Dynamic Software in 1987 while at UC Santa Cruz. Its first products produced mathematical visualization software. Dynamic Interactive -- a spin-off company started in 1995 -- was a pioneer Internet commerce company servicing clients that included Microsoft, Sun and Macromedia. He has served as CEO of both start-ups. In environmental areas he has worked with the United Nations on Ecotourism and he helped the U.S. National Park Service build its first website. He is also interested in social causes including the work done by The International Justice Mission, and various other organizations’ work on the global dissemination of information.