Michelle Berry-Shaffer

I am a plant-based live food and lifestyle instructor, juice cleansing consultant and I love to teach classes because I am passionate about holistic health for the whole family!

As a student of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, I am connected to cutting edge, scientific information in the world of health, nutrition and spirituality. It is my personal mission to uplift and inspire people to a plant based lifestyle for an optimal life and for an optimal purpose in my community as well as people all around the globe.

I am also co-owner of Sublime Elements, a company that sells supplements and superfoods online, as well as live food classes, juice cleanses & some catering.

Check out at www.michelleberryshaffer.com.

My masters thesis, I am working with children ages 6-12 who are wanting to achieve a higher level of health by changing over to an Organic, Vegan diet with proper supplementation. I will be tracking these beautiful beings of light for a period of about 6 months. What will I be tracking? I will give them a survey assessing their cognitive abilities, stress levels, and some other vitamin deficiencies, immunity ect.... If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in my study, please send them my way! It is greatly appreciated!

Healthy living & eating is a passion for of mine and I love to help people add more raw and living foods into their lives for radiant health!

We recieve in order to share the loving energy of the divine. ~Gabirel Cousens, MD