Berthold Ravensbrook

Child of the moon and stars The tale of Berthold Ravensbrook Early life to teenage years Berthold Ravensbrook was born in Andorhal, a town belonging to the Kingdom of Lordaeron. As far as family lore goes, the Ravensbrook clan were traditionally huntsmen of uncanny ability. It was like they had a specific predisposition for the hunt, an understanding of nature that was inexplicable. Berthold wanted to follow, as was the family way, in his father's footsteps and become a huntsman himself. He learned to fish, how to use a rifle and to set traps. He had a manifest talent for identifying useful or edible plants and he loved the peace of the wild. They would leave for days, and he would love every moment of contact with nature. “The earth provides” his father would say. It was of the maxims of his own father, handed down for generations... At the end of the day, they would sit around a campfire and roast meat while Silas would recount the stories of the hunts of his youth, with his own father. Every time, Berthold would express how he loved toe starry nights of the forest. Invariably, his father would reply “We are children of the stars, my son. Remember it”. The shadow of the valley of death He was only fourteen years old when the Scourge took away from him everything he loved and cared for. It all started after he and his father returned from a hunting trip. A few days had passed since their return from the wild when strange things started happening in the town. People they had known all their lives did not recognise them anymore, and paced mindlessly about the town. The glimmer of intelligence in their eyes had dulled, and a few of them had even tried to attack them on the streets, which forced the family to bar the doors to the house, something they were not in habit of doing. Berthold and his father were away when the plagued grain was distributed to the villagers. Relying heavily on the venison the men brought back home, the family was not as dependent on grain as many families of the area were, and it bought the Ravensbrook family some time, but ultimately not everybody would be spared. From the windows of the upstairs bedrooms, they had a view on the gruesome spectacle happening on the streets. People were turned into... Light-forsaken creatures, which were cannibalising each other! Loud banging noises shifted the Ravensbrooks' attention from the horrific scene below. The creatures were trying to force the door! The furniture was moved to block the w