Jonathan Berti

I like computers, mostly because they do what I ask them to -- most of the time. Sometimes folks are curious about the origins of my Dolittle-like relationship with computers -- in actuality, the Dolittle analogy is rather accurate but an exaggeration at least! The wise Doctor, a true conquerer of knowing, was able to decipher and make practice of communicating in the multitude of languages found throught the kindom of beasts. The beasts I speak to serve and surf, and are multi-lingual. I've become accustom to their nuances and eagerly follow the development of their ever-changing cultural lingo. When I need a computer to do something for me, I simply ask, as clearly as possible (with supporting useful commentary of course), in a language I know it will understand. Ya know', some like C, or Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, PHP, Processing, PureData, Arduino. Sometimes ya gotta be fluent in a few tongues to get the job done. Not only that, but ya gotta know just where to meet these things when you ask them to do stuff. For example, I often like to meet up with computers on a cozy LAMP stackwith a beefed up Drupal build when I ask for web stuff. Then I babble away in some of the aforementioned languages and BAM! Just what I wanted. A media-rich, industry quality, open source web solution; ready for me to start talking crazy with Java and Cocos - gotta speak those if you wanna truly travel and really be mobile. Meow. ftw.