Bertie Stephens

Hi! I'm a 24 year old film producer turned CEO of At the beginning of this year, I had a great idea, told some buddies and half a year later is up and running with 11,000 users! Right now most of my time is spent developing the idea, changing the site and bossing people around - its all good fun. Before Flubit I studied film production at London South Bank University and received a first class honours. I went on to produce Roanoke: The Lost Colony - which went on to be sold in every state in the US -, followed by Nuryan - which won the best horror film at the Independent London Film Festival, and The Sweet Shop - starring Gemma Atkinson and Matthew Lewis. In the mean time I co-founded ReachOnAir and later became their strategic manager. Later, I co-founded and became Head of Production at MWS media. My current project is, its a demand-based online marketplace where users get together, demand what products they wanna buy, and we do all the leg work and get them great discounts!