Bert Marievoet

Well, mmi stands for me myself and I. That's just because @bertm was already taken, but also a reference to the '89 hit song by De La Soul. I was fifteen at the time, that is indeed before the internet was born y'all.

The last decade or so, I spent my time figuring out how to make digital advertising work best for (g)local brand advertisers. I did this at Proximus (mobile telco), Skynet (portal) and de Persgroep (publisher).

Besides that, I got intrigued by the rise of social media - which started to infiltrate both my personal and professional life, probably more than I was willing to admit. There was one platform however that captivated me in a way no other one had ever done before, which was Twitter. I won't try to explain why exactly it stood out for me, all that matters for now is that I am thrilled to be be part of the flock.

Loving life, nuff said.