Berton Hochfeld

An executive with more than 40 years of experience in technology and finance, Berton Hochfeld began his career after attending the University of Pennsylvania. Graduating in 1967 with honors and a degree in economics, Hochfeld was part of the emerging field of econometrics, or the application of statistical and mathematical methods to various forms of economic data. After graduating, Berton Hochfeld attended Harvard University, from which he received an MBA in finance in 1969. In this same year, Berton Hochfeld served the United States Army as a combat field medic. Then throughout the 1970s, he fulfilled various financial roles, including a stint as a senior financial analyst in charge of audit, business development, and global financing. In 1974, Hochfeld accepted a position with Memorex as Vice President in charge of sales and marketing, a position he maintained until 1980. In addition to his work with Memorex, Berton Hochfeld worked with such companies as IBM, Telex Computer Products, and BMC Software, before transitioning into the financial services industry. Today, Berton Hochfeld runs Hochfeld Independent Research Group (HIRG) in Stamford, Connecticut. After conducting in-depth research into various components of information technology, Hochfeld and his team at HIRG sell the information to leading investment firms in the United States and overseas. A recognized success in his role as Managing Director, Berton Hochfeld has contributed to the company’s consistent ranking as a top IT research firm by independent consultants. Away from his professional career, Berton Hochfeld collects various American ceramics and furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, a hobby he has enjoyed for 25 years. A wine connoisseur and cooking enthusiast, Hochfeld also enjoys reading books by such authors as Brad Thor and Tom Clancy.