Besart Bajrami

Besart Bajrami is an Internet Marketer passionate person obsessed with results. He has been in Internet Marketing world for more than 12 years.

In 2005 he founded Kosoft - a web developing and marketing company! In 2008 he launched KosoftADS - the first albanian Pay Per Click advertising system. From 2009 he is the CEO of Next SEO - a full service digital marketing company providing Internet marketing and search engine optimization services to international clients.

Besart excels in combining his IT and programming background with inbound marketing to help business owners and decision makers to use online marketing methods to increase sales and leads for their companies without spending more on advertising. He and his company are responsible for almost all aspects of Inbound Marketing for different international companies!

His expertise includes but are not limited to: SEO, Web Analytics, GWT, SEM, PPC, Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Competition Analysis, Conversion Optimization, User Experience, etc.

Some of the companies and organizations that Besart has been working with:



Europ Assistance


Unique Jewelry Design

MPU-Beratung - Kurt Stranz



Goldmarie Schmuckmanufaktur



Trauringe Online GmbH



BfK – Beratungsstelle für Kraftfahreignung

Kolegji AAB, etc.