Besfort Guri

I am Besfort from Prizren, Kosovo. I am living in Prizren, Kosovo. I finished bachelor of Computer Science in June-2010. I worked for 6 month in Dizajn Shqip like a programmer in PHP and MySQL. I was working in Logistics Plus, I am working in OpenStreetMap, I work in editing, classification and the junctions between two or more roads in OpenStreetMap in capital city of Kosovo Prishtina. Now I am working at GIS D&A; Center Kosovo. I am board member of FLOSSK - (Free/Libre Open Source Software Kosova).I am contributing a lot in Free and Open Source Software projects, I finished my first handbook for OpenStreetMap (OpenStreetMap Krijoni harten tuaj - OpenStreetMap - Create your own map ),it is in Albanian Language, it is donated from Unicef Innovation Lab Kosova .