Kristian Besley

Managing Director and Founder at Alaka'i Studio, I help drive the vision for each client. My experience comes from managing sales, marketing, and operations with large retail, high tech, and consulting organizations. In the mid-90's I was managing corporate web sites and quickly learning how our ability to absorb content continually changes with the Internet. The challenge to lead visitors through a web site, a brochure, an advertisement, etc., has driven me to continually learn and understand consumer actions with the mixture of words and images.

When I have spare time, I spend it training for triathlons, including completing 5 Ironman competitions, and close to 20 other triathlon events. Swimming, biking, and running are a key element to keeping balance through a busy world. While traveling, there's always a camera close to capture some of the many shapes, shadows, and colors that surround us all.

Originally from Florida, I grew up competitively sailing in the waters that surround the state and I now reside between California and Florida.