Bespoke Ceremonies


There are so many milestones we encounter over the course of our lives. Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Graduations. Of course, those are the major events. But how did you feel when you moved into your first apartment? Or when you got that promotion you've been waiting so long for? Did you finally breathe a sigh of relief when your divorce became final? We should always take the time to recognize the little things in life when they either bring us joy, or even a moment of release (insert exhale here). Whether it's a Ross Gellar "whoo-hoo", or your personalized happy dance, there should always be an event that heralds those timeless moments we want to remember.

I am a licensed wedding officiant based in NYC and my specialty is custom-scripted ceremonies. Though my main focus is non-denominational weddings, I believe that any life-changing moment provides inspiration to our lives, and should be a cause for celebration or reflection. I'd like to help you create a memorable ceremony for your milestone event.

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