Bespoke Sound and Vision

We are Bespoke Sound and Vision and we design and install audio, cinema and home entertainment equipment that not only sounds great but also fits seamlessly with your lifestyle and interior design. Whether you want to listen to Beyonce in the bath or Kanye in the Kitchen or watch your 50 inch flat screen in the family room, we can create a bespoke sound and vision system that is controlled at the touch of a button. And the best part is that our speciality is installing everything so it looks subtle and in keeping with the rest of your home – so there will be no ugly hi fi units and no unsightly wires strewn all over the place.

We have a passion for sound and vision. No matter where we are working, whether it is in a home or on commercial premises, our aim is to get the best sound possible. Our team knows all about positioning speakers in the right place and how to get the best acoustics for whatever it might be you want to listen to or watch. And we're also happy to work with any architects or builders you might have hired for renovations. We also work outdoors, so you can have music by the patio or the pool that's safe and sounds great.

Rather than inviting you to any old shop floor, we have created a sound and vision show house in West Sussex – it's the perfect setting in which you can see just how well we design and install home entertainment systems. We supply equipment from all quality manufacturers and brands. If you have a favourite just let us know and equally, if you're unsure about any element of your home entertainment system we are on hand to help. Sounds good, doesn't it?