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Bessy Rice

Greetings to all who are reading about me...My life began in a small town of Winthrop by the sea, in Massachusetts..Growing up as a child was just as normal as any other normal Greek and loud family,,(lol) Well I do have two beautiful girls, Isabella who is 4 and Carol who is 20..I know it's a little rare to have kids with a big gap diffrence. But I love them and wouldn't change them for the world!! I have a bachelor's degree in Education, (not that I even used it)..Ok, probably asking me why?? Well I work for an International airline, and I love so much what I do...I cannot live with the thought of never being challenged or being captive without dealing with the public,,I'm a Customer Service/Airport Coordinator..I know it's sounds like a real BIG title, but it's not...I strive to make a person smile or at least realize that life is to short..So laugh a little....That's a brief summary of my so called-life..=)