Mohamed Rady 00966503732066

Moving Furniture and Pest Control in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Rady 00966503732066

Moving Furniture and Pest Control in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Hey, I’m Mohamed. I live in Saudi Arabia and I manage a mover company in Riyadh. The name of my company is Al-Enjaz. It is considered by our clients the best mover company in Riyadh. We present a lot of moving services to our clients as we can move any type of furniture including bedrooms, kitchens and IKEA furniture. We can also wrap the furniture by very good types of wrapping materials.

We like our work so much and accordingly we make our best to satisfy our clients. Just choose one or more of the next tasks and will do it professionally:

1) Store Furniture in our Large Warehouses

2) Move Furniture from your location in Riyadh to any other location in Saudi Arabia.

3) Wrap all types of furniture for you.

4) Move your furniture from Riyadh to anywhere outside Saudi Arabia.

and many other related service that we know you will enjoy :)

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We don't stop there, as we also work in the field of pest control. We, thanks for Allah, have the knowledge, experience and the professional trained team who can manage any pest control task in Riyadh. So we helped a lot of people get rid of bed bugs, termite, ants, cockroaches, mosquito, spiders and any other insects that can be found any where in Riyadh. We always use the safest, latest and the most effective Pesticide chemicals which are approved and recommended by WHO (World Health organization) and EPA (Environment Protection Agency). Accordingly, our pesticide chemicals are always safe for humans, pets and all the environment. You can know more about our pest control company in Riyadh here ..

Didn't we say that we also professional at cleaning houses, cleaning apartments, cleaning villas and all kind of cleaning services in Riyadh. We have a talented team who can perform all kinds of cleaning services and leave you happy with your home. Wanna know more about best and most professional cleaning company in Riyadh click here.

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