Best Friends Fur Ever

Best Friends Fur Ever is a Maryland-based dog daycare and training center geared towards providing pets with a loving, stress-free environment that keeps them happy and comfortable while away from home. Offering a suite of services including 24-hour care in climate-controlled areas, a variety of training programs, on-site grooming, and large indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to explore, Best Friends Fur Ever is a perfect solution whether leaving an animal during the workday or while taking an extended vacation. The daycare accommodates a wide spectrum of dog sizes and dispositions, and the staff interacts with and monitors the dogs all day. Socialization groups are divided according to pet size, and caretakers will slowly introduce even the shyest of dogs to other pets, helping them become part of the group and learn to enjoy playing with others. Dog owners also have the option of scheduling training into their pet’s day. Best Friends Fur Ever staff can effectively introduce one-on-one obedience training that helps pets behave better both at home and when walking on a leash. The center also offers group classes with owners present. These programs allow dog owners flexible options for scheduling and class attendance. By purchasing unlimited class membership for a specific period, owners can bring pets back after a vacation without missing anything or even revisit an old class to help their dogs practice previously learned techniques. The multi-tiered level system offered by the company is designed to help pets understand everything from simple commands such as “sit” and “stay” to complex concepts that include heeling when off the leash and staying in place when an owner has walked out of sight.