Best Jennifer Ever

Personal Trainer, Attorney, and Teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada

Attend my event


Aerobatic plane ride

Bungee Jumping

Cave rappelling

Cave tubing and/or diving

Cliff Diving - DONE

Cooking class

Dive Bomber at Six flags - DONE

Drive in theatre - DONE

Fly a plane and/or helicopter

Geocaching – DONE

Ghost Hunting - DONE

Go on a Cruise

Gun Range - DONE

Habitat for Humanity

Hold a Snake – DONE

Hold a Tarantula

Ice Skating

Improv class

Jet Skiing - DONE

Learn to drive Stick Shift


Ride a camel

Ride a horse

Rock Climbing - DONE

Scuba diving

Self Defense class

Shark Cage Diving

Skydiving - DONE

Snorkel - DONE

Snow Ski

Swim with Stingrays - DONE

Swim with Sharks – DONE (nurse sharks count, right?!)

Trip to the golf driving range

Try a ghost pepper

Visit a Volcano

Watch Roller Derby

White Water Rafting

Zip Lining - DONE