Searching for the Best...

The very notion of a robotic vacuum cleaner is chimerical to someone who first hears about it. More than a decade into the digital age of smart phones and 3g tablets, we still find it hard to comprehend that a 15-inch wide, 3-inch high, round, autonomous device can actually sweep the dust off your floor. Yet, it is the truth and it is actually more than that. Robot vacuums are but one aspect of the introduction of self-controlled machines into our daily lives. Other examples of robots that are only beginning to help household maintenance are robotic pool cleaners and lawn mower robots.
Personally, I was not astonished by the advent of robot vacuums, early on. I have always watched the tech stuff closely so I was quite aware that the work of companies such as iRobot and Neato was promising. I kept track of the US market of robot vacuums and sifted through dozens of articles and robot vacuum reviews to garner information about the models available and to decide which one was the best. I believed that the robot vacuum technology was the first of a number breakthoughs in household appliance industry that would change our lives forever and learning about them was the best investment one could do in knowledge. I rightly concluded that Neato BotVac and Roomba 880 are the best examples of what the robot industry has to offer but I was wrong to think that they were unique and that US was the only place in the world where a consumer market for household robots was burgeoning.
Expanding my research to overseas markets, I was astonished by robot vacuums for the first time but not because they were real or because they were actually handy. I was surprised to see that their development, design, production and marketing was not limited to the New World. That fact is, in all parts of the globe, countless local suppliers are making attempt after attempt to create their own functioning local version of Irona. And what is equally surprising is that they have customers who are not only ready to pay the money needed to own one of these novelty items but also are fervently reseaching and debating to distinguish the best robot vacuum from the countless models available.