Best Tankless Water Heaters for Awesome Showers

You must have heard about all the discussion and debate going on about tankless water heaters concerning whether thay are efficient or not and whether it is a good idea to get one of these compact wall-mounted units to replace the big tank. Well, all that is being said and written about tankless water heaters seem to be stuck around the fact they don’t quite use as much gas or electric as tank hot water heaters but that difference is not huge and hardly enough to provide enough savings to justify the exorbitant installation costs if you do not use a lot of hot water. I know that sounds like I don’t like tankless but in fact, I do. I do like tankless water heaters but completely different reason. Tankless is about your comfort as much as it is about savings.
I guess you are curious how a tankless water heater could provide you comfort when so many are complaining about them not heating the water enough or being too slow and shutting off for no reason. First, let me state something firmly. Most people who complain about tankless heaters do so because they did not spare enough money to get a high-quality unit. Instead, they though a $200 piece of junk can do as good as a $1000 high-end unit does. I wish it could do as good, because that would make our lives much easier wouldn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it cannot.
Having a good gas or electric tankless water heater in your home can add to your comfort by providing you literally endless hot water. Most hot water tanks are 50 gallons or so and with an average shower head having a flow of 2 gpm, you should use all the hot water in a storage water heater in less than half an hour with continuous use. that does not sound so great if you have kids and it sounds like trouble when you have guests. That's where the tankless outshines the traditional hot water heater. The best gas tankless water heater can support at least two showers simultaneously even in the coldest climate and forever. Once, the water is hot it will never cool down if you have o...

Electric tankless water heaters have somewhat less heating power and even the best electric tankless water heater would run into difficulty if you use it with more than one water outlet anywhere in the Northern Tier