Best Towel Warmers for a Great Morning and Day

A good towel warmer can change your life and does that by changing the way you start your day. We all hate mornings don't we and it much more that way when the winter comes and you have to leave your cozy bed every morning to go through one of the most stressful ordeals of your life. Showering in a damp bathroom. You know, the dampness of the morning makes me question the whole society, I mean, why do we have to get up in the coldest time of the day? Anyway, a really hot towel warmer that has already kicked half an hour ago as per your timer and has done its part to reduce the flesh biting cold and made your towels perfectly warm and toasty. That would be one thing that makes you step out of your door smiling instead of cursing and sick. Small things can make big differences and a good towel warmer is on of those small things. Although it is not necessairly so small in size, it is humble in cost. The price of the best towel warmer is no more than $200.

Electric towel warmers are preferred over hydronic ones in the USA and that's good because electric units are incependent from the central heating so you can connect them to a timer and set them to heat up at any time of the day. They also take little time to get to a good temperature to start having any effect on your towels and even the whole bathroom. You have no reason to worry about the electric bills, too. Even the hottest towel warmer is not going to use more than 1500 watts, which is like a few blenders running at the same time. In fact, an average electric space heater is much more of an energy hog than an electric towel warmer.

One of the things I love about electric towel warmers is that they don't need to be mounted on your wall. There are as many freestanding units available, now as there are wall mounted ones. You can choose the advantages of mobility without sacrifising style and power and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Whatever style you like to have with your prospective towel warmer, reading a few towel warmer reviews could be a good starting point in your journey to choose the right thing. There are amny styles and finishes available and one of them is certainly the perfect one for you.