Best adventure games

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Best adventure games

Designer, Web Developer, and Project Manager in Canada

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The Best Online Adventure Games in the World - Play Fun & Free

Games come and go, they become popular and then people lose interest, but for a brief moment, there will be a few games that will be the best. The following games are the best free adventure games in the world right now:

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1. Escaping the Prison

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The sheer amount of escape games online are astounding. Escaping rooms, cars, schools, whole buildings, countries! Not many of them live up to Escaping the Prison, though. This wild and crazy stickman adventure takes humor, skill, and logic to make one of the best escape games in the world. You have to make some decisions and try make it out, through one of the several ways. Play over and over to see if you can find all the different ways to get out of the prison. Try this games now. It’s one of the best free adventure games in the world.

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2. Aground

This is one of the best online adventure games in the world. Aground is the epitome of an adventure, you are dropped into a woodland and you need to find out what has happened. You need to work with the other survivors and craft, create, and build your way to survival. Think you have what it takes to start from scratch and then build up huts and be able to live off of the land? Try now in Aground, one of the best free online adventure games ever in the world!

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3. Clicker Heroes

This game was insanely popular, garnering millions and millions of plays, sending it into a stratospheric level of gaming. As one of the best adventure games in the world, it is loved by millions throughout the world for its simplistic gameplay, but incredibly detailed graphics and story. Technically an idle game, where you can leave it for hours and let it do its own thing, Clicker Heroes is still incredible popular. The demand for it is huge and one of the reasons is because it is so addictive. You will want to continue clicking through this game to see how far you can get.

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