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3 Keys to Choosing the Perfect Air Compressor

Request a Question:Do you know the secrets to picking the proper Air Compressor for your own performance?


Compressed Atmosphere is used extensively throughout industry and is often regarded as the "fourth utility" at most centers. So...before you spend the cash...spend some time to find out these compressed air


1. Gain a basic Comprehension of Compressed Air vocabulary:

Understanding These principles can accelerate your choice process and boost your ability to pick the most effective and economical air compressor program. You will be better advised to discuss your requirements with any air compressor sales agent.

This is the quantity of air circulation. You'll have to be aware of how much SCFM you want to run your equipment.

It Is the strain caused by a force applied to an area of one square inch...a component of stress relative to the surrounding air.

The ISO provides a set of Standard Courses of Compressed Air Quality.


The Duty cycle of a system describes how much time it can keep functioning before it needs a break, or what proportion of this time that it's intended to be in use. The Duty Cycle is normally 75 percent in Reciprocating Compressors and 100 percentwith Screw Air Compressors. Case in point: Within one hour of surgery to get a Reciprocating Compressor, the scooter will operate 75 percent of the hour - or operate for 45 minutes and rest for 15 minutes.

AMPERE and PHASE: You need to know what's available at your place to conduct your gear. Always have a qualified electrician inspection electric demands

COMPRESSOR LOCATION:These conditions handle the physical place of your compressor concerning other gear, sound level demands, and venting. Also think about the necessity to get sufficient space around your compressor to do needed maintenance.

2. Collect your vital info. The Easiest and best place to start would be to discover exactly what your air conditions are based on your own equipment manufacturer's requirements. Afterward...ascertain the answers to these questions:

Just how much air flow (SCFM or CFM) is required to run ALL related gear?

CFM makes it possible to decide the HORSEPOWER you are going to want...which also impacts your POWER requirements.

Just how much stress (PSIG or PSI) is required to run ALL associated gear? Compressor discharge pressure (PSI: lb per squa