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Best Burger joints in Malaysia

Burger joints in Kuala Lumpur are no longer limited to fast-food outlets such as McDonalds’ and Burger King, but have evolved into numerous home-grown establishments with tantalizing burger creations. By expertly infusing the US’ quintessential comfort food with local and international flavors, these burger joints are often packed with burger aficionados, late-night urban drinkers looking for a tasty feed, as well as travelers to Kuala Lumpur who just miss the taste of a good burger.

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Burgertory, located in Subang Jaya’s Section 15, is a home-grown eatery that serves delightfully handmade pork, beef and vegetarian burgers from 18:00 on-wards. Picking a favorite is a bit of a daunting task, but Burgertory's sinful array of pork burgers are definitely the main draw here. Highly recommended are The Swine Bacon and Cheese burger. Priced at RM16, its thick 100% premium pork patty is close to perfection in terms of juiciness and taste, whilst the two strips of bacon and the melted slice of cheddar cheese intensify both the flavour and the calorie count. If you’re game for a sinful treat, attempt the Burgertory Treasure (RM13), which boasts a thick pork patty infused with crunchy pork lard croutons and melted cheddar cheese.


Theaward-winning Myburgerlab, a home-grown burger bar, established in 2012, is adefinite contender for the best burger bars in Kuala Lumpur. Attracting adiverse clientele of burger aficionados and late-night urban drinkers, a longqueue starts forming as soon as it opens, but we promise you that it is worththe wait. Highly recommended is A Beautiful Mess (RM18), which consists of ahomemade beef patty, fried Portobello mushrooms, a sunny side-up egg and meltedmozzarella cheese sandwiched between two fluffy black bamboo charcoal buns.While thinner than most burger joints in KL, the patty is expertly prepared sothat it’s both well-textured with a melt-in-your-mouth juiciness, resulting ina satisfyingly flavorful ensemble.