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Our approach to education is child-centered, and follows an inquiry-based interdisciplinary curriculum. A child’s first school experience is very important in laying the foundation for a lifetime learning. Our Early Years Program combines play, culture and the roots of structured learning. Early Learning Programs at Explorika are designed to meet the needs of young children from age 1 Years. Our focus is on the development of the whole child in a language-rich, challenging and caring environment that stimulates active participation and meaningful learning. All programs are based on a play and experimentation, giving children time to explore, investigate, inquire, ponder and wonder at their own pace, thus balancing their confidence and self-esteem. Explorika is a happy and exciting experience for children. Within the context of concept-based learning, we provide a wealth of experiences in a safe and relaxed environment, led by a team of highly experienced teachers who are specialized in Early Childhood Education.