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How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder: Your Easiest Guide

The best coffee grinder for Espresso, etc. has been increasingly popular. Still, to buy the most suitable one, you should consider several crucial factors. Without any further ado, we specify the key considerations right below.!

A burr

Should you purchase a blade or burr unit? Burr grinders are usually more expensive but can produce far more consistent grinds. That way, you are more likely to get a proper extraction.

Meanwhile, blade grinders often cost less and are smaller than their burr counterparts. Since they grind less consistently, you may not get as fantastic of the extraction. And chances are, the extractions vary from cup to cup.

Favorable brewing methods

Different brewing techniques ask for different grind sizes. The best coffee grinder for French press and Espresso indeed often represent the fine and coarse ends that fall somewhere in the middle. Also, some models do excellently in a specific grind size but do not function well in others. That is why be sure you double-check whether the brewing method you prefer fall into limitation list of a grinder.


Consider how much should you clean up the machine after you use it. Several units create plenty of static, making grinds stick to things. Some tend to love shooting coffee shrapnel all about during the process. Meanwhile, some models work to negate just about any problems, thus allowing your morning routine to be possibly cleanest and tidiest.

Ease of use

Grinders generally work the same way: put grinds in the hopper, then grind, and dump grinds into the brewing vessel. Still, they rely on different methods for selecting the amount of coffee you wish to grind.

Some have integrated scales which enable you to opt for the dosage by weight. Some come with timers for the grinding length you desire. Some machines make it simpler to control these characteristics than others.


For pour-over, press, and drip, you can consider the ROK Manual, the Capresso Infinity, and Baratza Virtuoso. The Baratza Virtuoso is famous as the best coffee grinder for cold brew. If you like manual grinding, account for the ROK grinder. Its ease of use is among the plus points.

If you want a versatile grinder with easy and fast adjustment between grind sizes, the Baratza Vario may be your choice.