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As a family owned and operated business we offer a variety of patio sliding screen doors and window screens. We also provide our products and service for many types different customers and locations. These properties include apartment homes, houses, condos, residential, commercial offices, businesses, and the multi family housing industries.

In the San Fernando Valley, in the LA area, is where our company started. Since we started the business we have continued to offer the best level of service that we are known for today. Today, our manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Los Angeles, Fontana, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Best Custom Screens entire staff strives to keep you happy but also to keep you healthy and safe!. Often times people may not realize the dangers of UV exposure and the fact that mosquito’s carry diseases. This has established our motivation to offer the best Sliding Screen Doors, Window Screens, Sun Screens, Solar Screens, & Pet Screens! We believe that by “Shielding your windows and doors.” you can enjoy a bug-free, cooler home, while reducing energy costs.