Best Drug Rehabilitation Reviews

Manistee, Michigan

Best Drug Rehabilitation has received positive client reviews for its dedicated residential treatment program in Manistee, Michigan. The center’s serene location provides an optimal environment for clients to overcome alcoholism and substance abuse and gain an understanding of the root causes of their addictions. As many clients point out in their reviews, Best Drug Rehabilitation counselors emphasize individual choice in allowing participants to select the mix of classes and workshops they wish to participate in. Spirituality- and faith-focused program components complement practical life skills courses on money management, resume building, and finding rewarding jobs.

Reflecting the Manistee, Michigan, facility’s commitment to client-centric treatment, the center has achieved full accreditation in CARF International Residential Treatment: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions. The internationally recognized CARF accreditation signals that the institution has sufficient staff resources and services available to help clients achieve optimal outcomes.

Numerous testimonials and reviews attest to the results achieved through the program’s flexible approach to wellness and addiction recovery. One former client recounts entering the program in a tired, lonely, and angry mental state and gradually working toward inner serenity. She speaks of having restored her sanity and obtaining a “second chance at life.” Another past program participant emphasizes the importance of round circle meetings, at which he and fellow clients shared their experiences and offered support to each other.

One of the distinct advantages of pursuing treatment at Best Drug Rehabilitation is its location close to a private lake in the vicinity of Lake Michigan. The spacious grounds give clients an ideal location in which to self-reflect and take inventory in order to make strides toward productive lives free from addiction.

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