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Currently, the major problem in universities all over the world is plagiarism. Universities do not like to expel students from their degree programs, but when students do an act of plagiarism, it seems that they do not have any other alternative. New students are the common suffers in the act of plagiarism, because they get told by the other students that it is the quickest way to handle the assignment writing pressure.

Plagiarism is not the answer to your assignments writing problems. Be it an essay writing assignments, a research paper, or dissertation writing work, you cannot accomplish any assignment through plagiarism. Students who are using AU know it very well that plagiarism is not a resort for them. These students try their best to write the original essays and other assignments. They know how to tackle their assignment writing issues without taking help from plagiarism.

Students, who think that their plagiarism will never be identified, are wrong; universities all over the world have tools now which can detect plagiarism in a second. Do not be foolish because when you are caught for an act of plagiarism, there is really no going back from it. You will find it really difficult to built your lost reputation in the university then.