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The Human Muscular SystemcoolLook carefully at the diagram of the human muscular system, and try to memorize the main muscle groups. As a fitness trainer, you should know the name and location of the main muscle groups as this will help you undertake exercises to target specific

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. More than any other system of the human body, you will come across references to muscle names and muscle locations during your course of work.The muscles of the abdominal area comprise the rectus abdominis which extends along the length of the abdomen and the external obliques, which are at the side of the torso. The muscles of the abdomen help in pulling the upper and lower body together so that the organs are always aligned in their proper place. Well developed abs give a very lean and fit look to an individual.The shoulder muscles comprise the deltoid and the trapezius. The function of the shoulder muscles is to rotate and lift the arm. Well developed shoulder muscles add to a person’s stature and give a large and muscular impression.The muscles of the arm are the biceps, the triceps and the forearms. The main function of the biceps is to lift and curl the arm. The main function of the triceps is to straighten and twist up the arm and the basic function of the forearm is to curl the palm forward and to pull the hand backward.The pectorals are the muscles of the chest. These are the large fan shaped muscles that cover the rib cage area. The function of the pectorals is to pull the arms and shoulders in front of the body. The other chest muscle is the subclavicus, which is a cylindrical muscle that helps in drawing the muscle forward.The leg

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comprise the quadriceps at the front of the thighs, which extend the leg. The four muscles of the quadriceps are the rectus femoris, the vastus intermedium, the vastus medialis and the vastus lateralis. The muscles of the calf comprise the soleus, used to flex the foot and the two headed gastrocnemius, which also flexes the foot. Please visit to know more information

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