Best Friend's Veterinary Center

Established in 1981, Best Friend’s Veterinary Center in Oak Harbor, Washington, employs the latest technologies to address a wide range of health issues for various animals. Best Friend’s boasts some of the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment available, including radiology machines, skin allergy tests, blood pressure screening, and much more. Many of these tests are performed prior to anesthesia and surgery in order to detect any potential risk factors. Best Friend’s has invested in laser surgery capabilities to lessen pain for animals during procedures and expedite recovery times. General dentistry services are also available at the facility. In addition to these basic services, the office also maintains a Wildlife Care Clinic, where the staff treats more than 300 animals each year and organizes educational programs for local youths. To stay current with the latest industry developments, Best Friend’s maintains membership with the American Animal Hospital Association. Dr. Eric Anderson serves as Director and Chief of Staff at Best Friend’s, where he brings decades of experience to the position, frequently being voted “Best Veterinarian on Whidbey” in an annual readership poll in the Whidbey News Times. Possessing extensive training in ultrasound technology and orthopedic surgery, Dr. Anderson has proven an invaluable asset to the staff at the clinic. Dr. Anderson and his team utilize cutting-edge procedures, such as the Tibia Plateau Leveling Operating, to vastly improve the quality of life for animals. He spearheaded efforts to establish a Pet Emergency Center to serve the residents of Island and Skagit Counties, which now provides emergency care 24 hours a day. To provide assistance to cats struggling with hyperthyroidism, he launched the Thyroid Treatment Center in Mount Vernon in 2007. Recognized as a leader in his field, Dr. Anderson also serves as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University and has trained dozens of students through externships at Best Friend’s Veterinary Center.